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Edmonton is a rather unique city. With a climate that shifts about 80 degrees from winter to summer, our lifestyles undergo significant changes with each season. During the colder months, we tend to stay indoors, while in the warmer seasons, we prefer spending time outdoors. This seasonal shift doesn’t only apply to humans; animals follow a similar pattern, and regrettably, some of them may decide to take refuge in your home during the colder period. This unique seasonal transition presents distinct challenges for pest management, which is why Classic Pest Control Edmonton is here to address your pest problems year-round.

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Don't let rodent infestations jeopardize your health. Rely on our services to keep them away from your home and business.


While squirrels may seem cute from a distance, they can be pesky critters causing unwanted damage on your property and within your home. Let our services take care of their removal.


Say goodbye to mouse infestations with our comprehensive methods, including traps and effective products. We'll choose the solution that suits you best.


Eight-legged spiders can be unsettling and problematic in homes. Classic Pest Control Edmonton is here to eliminate spider infestations and prevent future issues.


Rats have plagued homes for centuries, but we have the right tools and expertise to eradicate them from your property.


Dealing with a cockroach infestation demands professional treatment. Their resilience and potential health hazards make them challenging to handle on your own.


If you encounter a wasp nest on your property, don't tackle it independently. We'll safely eliminate the nest for you.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are notoriously troublesome, hiding, multiplying, and causing discomfort. Our services will completely eradicate your bed bug problem.


Don't let pesky mosquitoes ruin your outdoor enjoyment. We'll eliminate them and limit their reproduction on your property.


These elusive creatures can cause damage that often goes unnoticed. Trust Classic Pest Control Edmonton to detect and eliminate silverfish infestations.

Sowbugs ​

Small crustaceans with oval bodies, sowbugs may invade your basement. Let Classic Pest Control Edmonton help you get rid of these pests.


Social insects like ants can disrupt homes and may march in lines. Classic Pest Control Edmonton is your solution for eliminating ant infestations and preventing their return.

Understanding Pests

Exploring Pest Behavior

Pests, or vermin, are essentially creatures that disrupt human lives, and one of their primary troublemaking factors is their diet. Some of these critters directly compete with humans for the same types of food. In more extreme cases, these pests may even feed on human blood, elevating the annoyance to a potential health hazard.

The Prolific Reproduction of Pests

Another major contributing factor to the pest predicament is their astonishing reproductive rate. Insects and rodents, for instance, reproduce at an alarming speed, enabling their populations to surge rapidly. This accelerated reproduction makes them especially vexing, as they can swiftly overrun an area, posing a significant challenge for complete elimination.

Pest Habitats

The habitats or living spaces pests choose are another pivotal element defining their nuisance. When these animals make homes in human residences, they quickly become sources of disturbance. These unwelcome guests often cause property damage, create chaos, and disrupt daily life, making their chosen habitats a serious concern for homeowners.

The Dark Side of Pests: Disease Carriers

Perhaps most crucially, pests frequently serve as carriers of a wide array of diseases. By infiltrating human habitats, these disease-laden pests endanger people’s health. This emphasizes the significance of pest control measures, underscoring the importance of seeking out a reputable pest control company capable of effectively managing these troublesome creatures.

Pest Control & Elimination Approaches

Our arsenal of diverse pest control techniques is as extensive as the pests themselves. Different vermin species respond uniquely to various chemicals, baits, and deterrents. We generally employ two broad strategies: prevention and extermination.

Preventative Measures

Prevention involves a meticulous property examination, scrutinizing every nook and cranny for potential shelters, breeding grounds, or pathways for the targeted pests. These identified areas are then sealed off or eradicated.

Eradication Techniques

Eradication entails the identification and elimination of the pest culprits causing distress. We skillfully employ both strategies to eradicate the pests and ensure their unwelcome return is prevented.

Winter Season Pests

The unwelcome visitors that tend to infiltrate homes during the winter are typically the ones averse to cold temperatures, such as mice, rats, and cockroaches. These intruders sneak in through walls, navigating ducts, cracks, and crevices until they infest your entire residence. The sooner you reach out to us, the more efficiently we can regain control over these troublesome bugs and pests. They all reproduce swiftly and have hearty appetites, devouring everything from your food supplies to, in the case of cockroaches, even your book bindings. Mice and rats, in particular, carry diseases, some of which can be life-threatening. Our team will identify all potential entry points, employing comprehensive baiting and extermination tactics to eradicate every pest.

Summer Season Pests

During the summertime, the most vexing pest in Edmonton has to be mosquitoes. Despite the city’s fogging initiatives, many aren’t aware of the remarkable efforts of our extermination team in reducing mosquito populations in your yard. Our process begins with a thorough property assessment to pinpoint any standing water sources, which we promptly eliminate. We then use a combination of larvicides and ovicides to intercept mosquitoes before they hatch while treating plants to exterminate adult mosquitoes, ensuring your outdoor activities remain pest-free.

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Classic Pest Control Edmonton is a fully licensed and bonded pest control company affiliated with the Canadian Pest Management Association and the National Pest Management Association. We take pride in our position as one of the leading pest control companies in Edmonton area. Our team of expert technicians and highly knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing exceptionally professional services throughout Edmonton, AB. We are committed to effectively resolving any pest issues you may encounter.


What Our Clients Say About Our Service

What our clients think about us.

    Sarah L.

    I can't thank Classic Pest Control Edmonton enough for their prompt and effective service. We were dealing with a persistent ant infestation in our home, and their team came to the rescue. Within days, the problem was completely resolved. I highly recommend their professional and friendly pest control service.

      Mark R.

      Classic Pest Control Edmonton provided outstanding service when we had a wasp nest on our property. Their team removed it quickly and safely, ensuring our family's safety. We're truly grateful for their expertise and swift response.

        Jennifer M.

        We recently moved into a new home and discovered a mouse problem in the basement. Classic Pest Control Edmonton came to the rescue. Their knowledgeable staff addressed the issue with care and professionalism, ensuring our peace of mind. We couldn't be happier with their service.

          David S.

          I can't say enough about Classic Pest Control Edmonton. We had a bed bug scare in our home, and their team handled the situation with the utmost professionalism. They were thorough, efficient, and compassionate throughout the entire process. Thank you for making a stressful situation much more manageable.