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If you’re reading this, you probably reside in Edmonton, AB, where the mosquito nuisance is all too familiar. Harsh winters give way to pesky mosquitoes in the summer, and despite city-wide fogging efforts, it often feels like the swarms never end. What you may not know is that you can enlist our professional pest control services to significantly reduce mosquito populations in your yard, making outdoor activities like barbecues and patio lounging more enjoyable. We at Classic Pest Control Edmonton, serving Edmonton, AB, and we’ve encountered our fair share of these bothersome critters. Contact us, and we’ll take care of the annoyance.

Edmonton Mosquito Exterminator

The annoyance of mosquitoes goes beyond the itching they cause. You may recall the West Nile scare a few years ago, and many people experienced the long-lasting West Nile flu, which was notably severe. The West Nile virus is just one of numerous diseases that mosquitoes can carry. They aren’t merely bothersome; they are potentially dangerous. Shockingly, mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures globally, claiming more lives than humans, according to statistics from Bill Gates. While humans cause fewer than 500,000 deaths each year, mosquitoes are responsible for over 750,000 deaths through disease transmission.

Why is Mosquito Control Important?

Not all mosquitoes bite; in fact, both male and female mosquitoes primarily feed on nectar and plant juices. Males never bite, while females require blood for egg-laying or improving the egg-laying process. Every mosquito bite indicates a plan to lay eggs, highlighting how quickly mosquito populations can get out of hand. You may unknowingly have provided sustenance to thousands of mosquito mothers with your own blood. This underscores the importance of employing advanced pest control techniques to keep mosquitoes away from your home, as the more they feed, the more offspring they produce.

Female mosquitoes are voracious feeders. They have two digestive systems: one for sugars, used for energy, and one for the protein from your blood, essential for egg-laying. These mosquitoes drink as much blood as possible when they find a source, as they can’t return for another feeding, which carries the risk of being slapped away. Mosquito saliva contains various chemicals that transform them into something akin to a horror-story vampire. This saliva includes anticoagulants to ensure your blood flows into them continuously and vasodilators to speed up the flow. Unfortunately, this saliva is also the medium for transmitting dangerous diseases.


Mosquitoes thrive in warmth, with their eggs developing optimally in temperatures ranging from 22 to 29 degrees Celsius. You might wonder how mosquitoes survive freezing winters. The answer lies in their eggs, which enter a state of stasis during the winter, and the cold does not harm them. Furthermore, mosquito eggs are laid in water, so the temperature inside the eggs remains relatively stable, thanks to the insulating properties of water and ice against the frigid external temperatures.

Why Are Mosquitoes a Problem?

Stagnant water is the key to mosquito breeding. The more stagnant water available, the greater the mosquito population. The mosquito life cycle encompasses four stages, with the first three predominantly aquatic: the egg, larval, and pupal stages all occur in stagnant, shallow water. Only the adult stage exists above water. Therefore, most mosquito prevention strategies focus on controlling eggs and larvae, which are easier to address than the airborne swarms.

Our Mosquito Control Strategy

Our pest control strategy commences in the early stages. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your yard, searching for any sources of stagnant water, which can serve as potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Any sources that can be eliminated will be addressed, while those that cannot be removed will be managed with a variety of larvicides or other effective insecticides that specifically target mosquito eggs and larvae, minimizing harm to non-mosquito insect populations. This approach, targeting the weaker, pre-adult mosquito forms, is generally more effective and reduces the need for broad-spectrum insecticide use.

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In addition to managing breeding grounds, our strategy involves evaluating the landscaping of your property, both soft and hard, to identify potential mosquito hiding spots. This includes assessing vegetation that may provide cover for adult mosquitoes. Depending on your preferences, we can employ a combination of treatments to address mosquito eggs, larvae, and adults. We’ll also provide you with valuable tips and tools to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home’s interior and techniques to discourage mosquitoes from migrating into your area.

This array of techniques ensures that you don’t have to endure mosquito swarms in your yard this season. This service is not only valuable for those in Edmonton who may require additional mosquito control beyond the city’s efforts but also for individuals living outside the city’s borders who may not benefit from the municipal mosquito program. Our winters are challenging enough; don’t let a mosquito-plagued summer add to your troubles. Contact Classic Pest Control, and we’ll address the mosquito problem, allowing you to enjoy quality time with your family outdoors, engage in various activities, and make the most of your summer.