How to get rid of Edmonton pigeons?

Often derogatorily labeled as ‘rats with wings,’ pigeons have emerged as a significant issue in towns and cities, much like their furry, four-legged counterparts.

Pigeons have adeptly adapted to coexist with humans and are common denizens of town centers throughout North America.

Pigeons have been associated with the transmission of diseases like Chiamdiosis, a virus resembling influenza, and Psittacosis, which resembles pneumonia.

The precise health risk pigeons pose to humans remains uncertain, with many experts considering the chances of infection to be relatively low.

The primary concern with these otherwise gentle birds is their droppings. The cumulative weight of pigeon deposits can amount to several tons, costing millions of dollars annually to clean up. Not only do the droppings appear unsightly, but they can also inflict lasting damage on structures. While fresh droppings are unpleasant but typically harmless, it is dried droppings that can potentially propagate infection. Spores from these droppings may become airborne as dust and carried by the wind, potentially leading to flu-like symptoms in healthy individuals but posing more severe risks to those with weakened immune systems.

Pigeons present issues not only in residential areas but also afflict farmers. Over the course of a year, a single pigeon can consume up to 64 pounds of food. When multiplied by the pigeon population in your vicinity, the scale of the problem becomes evident. Many farmers resort to shooting pigeons, both for sport and to alleviate the damage they cause.

While birds are not always viewed as pests, congregations or roosts of birds in large numbers can result in lost business, contaminated products, and substantial structural damage. Bird droppings can also pose health hazards. Once the droppings have dried, they can become potentially transmissible to humans through the air. Birds such as pigeons may carry disease organisms like Cryptococcus, which can be transmitted to humans.

Whether you are contending with gulls, Canada geese, house sparrows, or pigeons, we can provide assistance. Our bird control services encompass bird exclusion devices and netting, the removal of bird nests from venting areas, and the cleanup of bird droppings. For pigeon control in Edmonton, consider Classic Pest Control.