Residential Pest Control

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Residential Pest Control Services in Edmonton

When you’re in need of dependable pest control services in Edmonton, trust Classic Pest Control for a tailored approach from start to finish. We conduct a thorough inspection of your residence, identifying potential entry points for pests and securing your home against any more unwanted visitors.

Pest Control in Edmonton

For dependable pest control services in Edmonton, rely on Classic Pest Control for a personalized and comprehensive experience. Our meticulous home inspection helps us pinpoint potential pest entryways and ensures your family’s peace of mind.

Our services are consistently safe and effective, successfully eliminating pests that can introduce germs, dirt, and bacteria into your living space. Don’t live in fear of unexpected pests invading your floors, creeping along your walls, or lurking in your basement. Classic Pest Control is here to restore your sense of security at home.

Pest Eradication for Edmonton Residents

Have you discovered bed bugs in your Edmonton residence? Don’t delay or let these bed bugs spread further, and avoid ineffective DIY methods. When it’s time to eradicate bed bugs from your home, entrust the task to an established professional like Classic Pest Control. With years of experience in the field, Classic Pest Control can swiftly and effectively resolve your bed bug infestation.

Pest Threats at Your Home

The growing influx of pests into your home can become a significant concern. Some pests are destructive to property and may even inflict bites, while rodent activity can lead to diseases through their droppings and severe structural damage. Pests often congregate in wall voids, attics, or any small cracks or crevices they can find. No matter what’s troubling you, our prompt and courteous service, combined with our years of experience and licensed technicians, provides secure and effective treatments that come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Pest Removal for Edmonton Homeowners

Classic Pest Control offers flexible service options, including regular contracts, one-time treatments, and after-hour emergency services. Contact us today for further information.


Infestations of rodents can be quite troublesome, as these pests may carry diseases that pose a significant threat to your overall health. Count on our services to keep your home and business rodent-free.


Unwanted insects can be a nuisance, particularly when they invade your home or property. Allow us to address this issue, ensuring they no longer disrupt your day-to-day life. We specialize in exterminating a wide range of pests, including bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, wasps, ants, spiders, beetles, cankerworms, termites, ladybugs, and many more.