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Our company proudly provides warranties for all jobs, regardless of their size. This ensures your peace of mind and offers comprehensive protection. Explore our range of services dedicated to safeguarding your home or business.

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Certain pests go beyond mere annoyance, posing significant health concerns. Acquire valuable insights and knowledge about various pests through our extensive pest library.

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In many cases, we can assess your pest issue through a simple phone consultation, providing a prompt estimate. If a more detailed evaluation is required, our experts will organize a thorough and free on-site inspection to better address your specific needs.

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Feel free to contact us for a prompt estimate; our goal is to provide SAME DAY SERVICE whenever feasible, understanding the distress that pest issues can cause!

St. Albert boasts a distinctive character. With a climate that undergoes an extreme shift from winter to summer, our lifestyles undergo substantial changes with each season. In the colder months, we tend to stay indoors, while in the warmer seasons, outdoor activities become preferred. This seasonal transition affects not only humans but also animals, and unfortunately, some may seek refuge in your home during the colder period. The unique challenges posed by this seasonal shift make year-round pest management essential, and Classic Pest Control St. Albert is here to address your pest concerns consistently. For commercial and residential pest extermination St. Albert, contact us immediately.

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When you’re in need of trustworthy pest control in the St. Albert Area, you can rely on Classic Control Services!

Commercial Pest Management

Classic Pest Control Services St. Albert offers customized and comprehensive pest control contracts for diverse commercial establishments.

Residential Pest Removal Solutions

For reliable pest control services in St. Albert, rely on Classic Pest Control Services St. Albert. We offer the best rodent, insect and pest removal solutions.

Industrial Pest Eradication

Classic Pest Control Services St. Albert provides specialized pest control contracts specifically tailored for food processing plants, manufacturing facilities and more.

Affordable Pest Extermination Services in St. Albert


Ensure your health is not compromised by rodent infestations. Depend on our services to keep them away from your home and business.


Despite their cute appearance from a distance, squirrels can be pesky critters causing unwanted damage on your property and within your home. Allow our services to handle their removal.


Bid farewell to mouse infestations with our comprehensive methods, including traps and effective products. We'll select the solution that best suits your needs.


Eight-legged spiders can be unsettling and problematic in homes. Classic Pest Control St. Albert is here to eliminate spider infestations and prevent future issues.


While rats have caused problems in homes for centuries, we have the right tools and expertise to remove them from your property.


If you have a cockroach infestation, it requires professional treatment. Their potential health hazards make them challenging to handle without professional intervention.


If you encounter a wasp nest on your property, avoid tackling it independently. Our company can safely eliminate the nest for you.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a nuisance, hiding, multiplying, and causing health issues. Our services will eliminate your bed bug problem.


Don't let annoying mosquitoes ruin your outdoor fun. We can eliminate them and limit them from multiplying on your property.


These tenuous creatures can cause damage that often does not get noticed. You can rely on Classic Pest Control St. Albert to detect and eradicate silverfish infestations.

Sowbugs ​

Small crustaceans with oval bodies, sowbugs may invade your property. Contact Classic Pest Control St. Albert to aid you in getting rid of these pests.


Ants are social insects that disrupt homes and march in lines. We at Classic Pest Control St. Albert offer solutions for eradicating ant infestations and preventing them from coming back.

Understanding St Albert Pests

Understanding Pest Behavior

Pests, also known as vermin, are creatures that significantly disrupt human lives, with their diet being a primary source of trouble. Some of these critters directly compete with humans for the same types of food. In more severe cases, these pests may even feed on human blood, escalating the annoyance to a potential health hazard.

The Abundant Reproduction of Pests

Another major contributing factor to the pest predicament is their remarkable reproductive rate. Insects and rodents, for example, reproduce at an alarming speed, allowing their populations to surge rapidly. This accelerated reproduction makes them particularly troublesome, as they can quickly overrun an area, presenting a significant challenge for complete elimination.

Pest Dwellings

The habitats or living spaces chosen by pests constitute another crucial factor that defines their nuisance. When these creatures establish homes in human residences, they swiftly become sources of disturbance. These unwelcome guests often inflict property damage, create chaos, and disrupt daily life, making their selected habitats a significant concern for homeowners.

The downside of Pests: Disease Spreaders

Most importantly, pests frequently act as carriers of a diverse range of diseases. By infiltrating human habitats, these disease-laden pests pose a threat to people’s health. This underscores the importance of pest control measures, highlighting the need to engage a reputable pest control company capable of effectively managing these troublesome creatures.

Approaches to Pest Control & Elimination

Our array of diverse techniques for pest control is as extensive as the range of pests themselves. Different species of vermin respond uniquely to various chemicals, baits, and deterrents. We typically employ two broad strategies: prevention and extermination.

Preventative Measures for St Albert pest control

Prevention involves a thorough property examination, meticulously scrutinizing every nook and cranny for potential shelters, breeding grounds, or pathways for the targeted pests. Once these areas are identified, they are either sealed off or eradicated.

Elimination Techniques

Our elimination techniques involve identifying and eliminating the pest culprits causing issues. We use our skills and strategies to professionally eliminate the pests and ensure their unwelcome return is prevented.

Pests during Winter Season

Unwanted guests that tend to invade homes during the winter are typically those averse to cold temperatures, such as mice, rats, and cockroaches. These intruders find their way in through walls, navigating ducts, cracks, and crevices until they infest your entire residence. The sooner you contact us, the more efficiently we can regain control over these troublesome bugs and pests. They reproduce rapidly and have hearty appetites, devouring everything from your food supplies to, in the case of cockroaches, even your book bindings. Mice and rats, in particular, carry diseases, some of which can be life-threatening. Our team will identify all potential entry points, employing comprehensive baiting and extermination tactics to eliminate every pest.

Pests during the Summer Season

In the summer months, mosquitoes prove to be the most troublesome pests in St. Albert. Despite the city’s fogging efforts, many may not be familiar with the remarkable endeavors of our extermination team aimed at decreasing mosquito populations in your yard. Our approach commences with a comprehensive property assessment to identify any standing water sources, promptly eliminating them. Subsequently, we employ a combination of larvicides and ovicides to intercept mosquitoes before they hatch, along with treating plants to eradicate adult mosquitoes. This ensures that your outdoor activities remain free from pests.

Best Pest Extermination Company St. Albert

Classic Pest Control St. Albert holds full licenses and bonds as a pest control company. Positioned as one of the foremost pest control companies in the St. Albert area, we take pride in our status. Our team consists of expert technicians and highly knowledgeable staff dedicated to delivering exceptionally professional pest management services throughout St. Albert, AB. We are committed to efficiently resolving any pest issues you may face.

Pest Extermination Testimonials

What Our St Albert pest removal clients say

What our clients think about our Pest Extermination St. Albert

    Cassian M.

    Classic Pest Control St. Albert exceeded my expectations in every way. Their team of professionals was not only prompt and efficient but also incredibly knowledgeable. They swiftly addressed our pest issues, and their preventative measures have kept our home pest-free. I highly recommend their services.

      Gwyn F.

      We had a severe rodent problem that seemed never-ending until we contacted Classic Pest Control St. Albert. Their experts conducted a thorough inspection, identified entry points, and implemented effective eradication methods. The results were impressive, and we are grateful for their expertise in resolving our pest concerns.

        Vijay R.

        Choosing Classic Pest Control St. Albert was the best decision we made for our commercial space. Their licensed and bonded team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and a deep understanding of our unique needs. Their comprehensive pest management approach has proven to be highly effective, providing us with a pest-free environment for our business. Thank you for your outstanding service!