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Squirrel Removal St. Albert

These fluffy-tailed creatures are a common sight in St. Albert’s rich ecosystem, a product of our lush urban forestry. Observing squirrels outdoors can be a delightful experience, watching them scurry, store food, and fill their cheeks with more than they can munch. At times, they can become a bit of a nuisance, raiding bird feeders and acting like they own the place. Typically, rodents are skittish, but some squirrels appear unfazed by human presence, possibly due to our long coexistence. When the squirrel population multiplies excessively, it can quickly lead to a pest issue. That’s where Classic Pest Control steps in with reliable squirrel removal services for St. Albert residents.

Why remove squirrels from your property in the first place? Many people perceive squirrels as harmless creatures, and they are largely. However, issues arise when squirrels invade your home or garage or when rabid squirrels are involved. Fortunately, rabid squirrels are quite rare, but when they do carry rabies, they can become fearless and pose a biting threat to you or, more significantly, your pets. While human rabies transmission is unlikely, pets are more susceptible, making squirrel removal crucial for pet owners.

Squirrels become more problematic when they infiltrate your home. Their typical habitat is our urban forests, so we don’t always view squirrels as pests in the same way we regard rats or mice. Nonetheless, squirrels are rodents, and rodents can carry a range of diseases. These diseases can spread through their waste, and if they access your food stores, you may suffer food and financial losses due to contamination. Furthermore, squirrels have a penchant for chewing, and some jest that they pose a greater threat to the power grid than human adversaries. This propensity can lead to considerable damage within your living space, including short circuits, power outages, and insulation damage.

When addressing your squirrel issue, we employ various techniques to eliminate the pests while preventing new ones from taking their place. The first step involves specialized baited traps, which must be securely anchored to outsmart the clever and sizable squirrels. The next phase focuses on prevention, where we conduct a thorough property inspection to identify potential entry points and ensure the squirrels can’t re-enter through those avenues. With Classic Pest Control Services, you can rest assured that squirrels will no longer scuttle overhead, causing disturbances.

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