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Expert eradication of pests for a pest-free, eco-friendly environment. Trust us for effective, humane solutions.

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Reliable solutions for pest-free living. Experienced, eco-friendly, and humane methods. Say goodbye to unwanted intruders today.

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Safely manage wildlife conflicts. Compassionate and professional service for peaceful coexistence in Beaumont, Alberta.

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Swift, eco-conscious pest removal. Trusted experts for pest-free living spaces. Effective solutions, minimal environmental impact.

Welcome to Classic Pest Exterminator, your go-to professional pest removal company for swiftly eliminating pests from residential and commercial properties in the vibrant city of Edmonton. Our dedicated and highly skilled team of technicians proudly call Edmonton their headquarters but are flexible enough to serve the broader Alberta region while maintaining affordable rates.

With over a decade of experience, we have garnered valuable insights that enable us to provide you with superior pest control services. We recognize that certain pests can be an unwelcome intrusion, causing embarrassment when they invade your home or business. Rest assured, our exterminators prioritize discretion to ensure your nosy neighbors remain unaware of our operations.

While pests can be a nuisance, we also acknowledge their place in the ecosystem and strive to treat them humanely. Our methods are in line with approved extermination techniques, and we make a conscious effort to use eco-friendly chemicals. These substances effectively rid your space of unwanted guests without posing any harm to you, your family, or your furry or feathered intruders.

When you select Classic Pest Extermination Company, you can count on our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. We persistently work until every flea, cockroach, or rat is eradicated. Should the need arise, we are ready to provide multiple treatments until you are confident that your space is pest-free. Additionally, we offer guidance on maintaining a pest-free and healthy living or working environment.