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The most troublesome pests are those that reproduce rapidly, carry diseases, and raid your food supplies. This is why, at Classic Pest Control St. Albert, we’ve developed comprehensive and integrated pest control strategies to keep rodents out of your home and away from your property. We handle a variety of rodent species, from mice to rabbits to squirrels. Each of these rodents presents unique challenges, but we possess the tools and expertise needed to address any rodent issue you may encounter.

Rodents can be particularly elusive due to their intelligence and agility. Although technically rabbits aren’t rodents, we can still effectively deal with them on your property. Rodents can inflict significant damage, as they are typically omnivorous, consuming anything their ever-growing incisor teeth can chew through. Many of these rodents don’t necessarily infiltrate your home; instead, they feed on your garden, deplete your bird feeder’s seeds, and generally disrupt anything stationary on your lawn. Strategies to address these outdoor rodents may vary depending on the specific animals causing the nuisance but generally include a combination of prevention and elimination methods. Prevention measures may involve altering your garden’s contents, erecting fencing, or using repellents to deter rodents, while extermination methods can encompass baiting, trapping, and other techniques.

Pests are problematic enough outdoors, but when they invade your home, they pose a real threat to your family’s safety. Rats, mice, and other small rodents can carry a variety of diseases. Hantavirus can be transmitted through their waste, and they often host fleas that can transfer bloodborne diseases to humans. Furthermore, they can target your food sources, consuming some and contaminating the rest. Squirrels are also capable of entering your home, and any of these rodents may find your wiring enticing, potentially leading to short circuits, power outages, and house fires.

Dealing with indoor rodents involves a wide range of strategies. The focus is placed on eliminating hiding spots and pathways that rodents may use to move around. We inspect your roof and the base of your home for potential entry points, and then check your interior for holes, cracks, and crevices that rodents could exploit. Given rodents’ intelligence and cautious nature, we strategically place baited traps, ensuring they notice them without being overly frightened. Depending on the extent of the problem, a variety of other preventive and extermination tactics can be applied.

Rodents reproduce at an astonishing rate, so when you spot one in your home, there are likely many more lurking. That’s why it’s crucial to contact Classic Pest Control St. Albert as soon as you encounter these pests. We’ll swiftly and effectively eliminate the rodents, allowing you to rest easy.

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