How to get rid of Edmonton Ants?

Effective Ant Extermination

Ant infestations can be challenging to handle as they require locating and eliminating not only the ants you see but also the nests that might be hidden inside or outside your home.

Ant colonies can be massive, housing up to 500,000 ants, and they have more continuity compared to other insects since most ants live for several years. When threatened, these colonies can quickly uproot and relocate to another area.

Ants have diverse food sources, including plant and insect fluids, fruits, vegetables, and nearly anything consumed by humans. They often enter homes in search of sweets, juices, or grains and play a crucial role as scavengers of insects and organic matter.

Identifying the specific ant species infesting your home is the first step in effectively dealing with them. In Edmonton, some common ants include Carpenter ants, Pavement ants, Sugar ants, and Pharaoh ants.

Carpenter ants create their nests inside wood, forming galleries by chewing through it, especially in dead or damp wood. Unlike termites, they do not consume the wood but can cause damage by hollowing out sections of trees. Carpenter ants frequently infest wooden structures and buildings, posing a significant nuisance and a primary source of structural damage.

While carpenter ants do not transmit diseases or infections, they can still be problematic. Their threat lies in their nesting behavior, which, if chosen within your home, can lead to serious structural damage. For reliable pest control in Edmonton, choose Classic Pest Control. Explore our wide range of services for insect control in Edmonton.