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Termite Exterminator Edmonton

Prevent extensive damage to your home by addressing termite infestations promptly. Contact Classic Pest Control for effective termite extermination services in Edmonton and the surrounding regions.

Understanding Edmonton Termites:

Termites stand apart from other pests. While most pests are associated with concerns about diseases and food contamination, termites pose a different and more menacing threat – the potential structural degradation of your home.

These destructive pests require a professional exterminator to ensure their complete elimination. At Classic Pest Control, we specialize in termite extermination throughout Edmonton and its neighboring areas. Protect your home or business, as well as the well-being of your loved ones. Suspect a termite issue? Don’t hesitate, call us today.

Service Areas

we are conveniently located to exterminate termites in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, including:

How Does Termite Extermination Work?
Step 1: Inspection

Every termite extermination process commences with a thorough inspection. Our skilled exterminators will evaluate the infestation, determining key factors such as:

Step 2: Eradication

Our exterminators understand that pest control involves both eradication and prevention. Although termite infestations are infrequent in Edmonton, previous infestations can increase the likelihood of future ones. By implementing proactive strategies, we can make your property less attractive to termites.

The Price of Termite Extermination

Much like other professional services, the cost of termite extermination is determined by the scale and complexity of the task at hand. Our team has successfully managed minor infestations for reasonably pricing, but more severe cases can require a higher budget.


However, when discussing costs, it is crucial to consider the alternative: the cost of not eradicating termites. These pests are among the most perilous, as they can chew through critical components like insulation, important documents, and, most alarmingly, wooden structural elements such as support beams and rafters.

In contrast, the expense of termite extermination pales in comparison to the financial burden of rebuilding your home. Termites pose a serious threat to your property and can even jeopardize your health. If you suspect their presence, prompt extermination is of utmost importance.

Count on Classic Pest Control for comprehensive termite extermination services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. With nearly two decades of experience in the field, we have the expertise to eliminate termites from your property and employ innovative pest control techniques to keep them at bay.