How to get rid of Edmonton Mice Infestation

The house mouse is characterized by its large ears and light brown to dark grey color, with a lighter hue on its belly. It’s commonly found in urban areas. On the other hand, the deer mouse exhibits a brown or grey coat with a white belly and feet. An easily recognizable feature of the deer mouse is the white underside of its tail. This type of mouse may venture into buildings near fields and woodlands during the fall season.

Identifying the specific type of pest you’re dealing with is crucial in determining the most effective control methods. For instance, using a rat trap for a mouse infestation may not yield the desired results due to size differences.

Edmonton Mice and rats are known carriers of diseases and are capable of causing damage to property. Notably, the deer mouse is the primary carrier of the deadly hantavirus.

If you hear scampering and scratching noises within your home’s walls at night, notice signs of gnawing or chewing, or find damaged food packages, it could indicate a mouse or rat infestation. Other telltale signs include droppings and urine, burrows or holes in and around foundation walls, or tracks on dusty surfaces.

Mice and rats are prolific breeders, which is why it’s essential to address occasional invasions promptly to prevent a more severe infestation.

Prevention plays a vital role in managing rat and mouse issues in your home. For mouse extermination in Edmonton, choose Classic Pest Control!